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To All The Cinema Tavern Family,

It is with much sorrow that I have to address the times at hand. Today the mayor has declared a State of Emergency for the city of Villa Rica (Ref City of Villa Rica website). At the end of business today we will no longer be open until further notice. Today ONLY March 23 we will offer food and drinks to go only. We do this in the best interest of the employees, customers and community. It is prudent that we all heed the warnings and self-quarantine to slow and eventually stop the spread of this silent virus that stalks us all. The only way this will be possible is to slow/stop mass movement of people. Our governments for whatever reason have been slow to react. We must all act together and help stop the spread of this virus. I cannot fathom the outcome of these times if the worst-case scenarios come to be.

I have been in constant contact with colleagues and friends in the food business from the food distribution side who are actively trying to put together a plan of attack to feed the community whether they have money or not. "No Family Hungry". Hopefully by the end of the week we can have a system in place where anyone can pick items especially items in short supply from a short 50 or so list of staples i.e. ground beef, vegetables, paper products and dairy products and liquor and beer. We will take orders via email, order our trucks, package orders and set times for curbside pick up. Possibly twice a week. No one likes to go to the big stores and find the items you most need out of stock. Our food vendors have the stock and like every one of us they have been affected by this also and want to help any way possible. The time is now to act as a community and help one another out as best we can. Send me your Email addresses so we can notify all when we get things started. Send to russP-hilli􀀊@bellsouth.net.

Thank You all so much for the hard work and efforts you've all put in over the years. With a little luck at all and more than anything a lot of prayers we will all be back to work soon doing what we love. I truly love and hold dear to my heart each and every one of you.

May God Bless Us All
Russ Phillips
Cinema Tavern